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Live & In Technicolor At...

September 2020

Sat, Sep 5: Vino Cellars Springfield, 6-8pm

Sat, Sep 5: Shuffle, 10pm-12am

Sun, Sep 6: Bear Creek, 2-5pm


Tues, Sep 8: Aviary with Justin, 6-9pm


Fri, Sept 11: Vino Cellars Branson, 6-8pm

Sat, Sept 12: Bear Creek, 2-5pm


Tues, Sept 15: Millwood Golf and Racquet Club, 7:30pm


Sat, Sep 19: Gotahold Brewing, Eureka Springs, 4-6pm

Sun, Sep 20: Wanderoo Lodge / Gravel Bar, Eureka Springs, 12-2pm


Fri, Sept 25: The Inn at Carnall Hall, Fayetteville, 5-8pm. 

Sat, Sept 26: Piney River, 3-6pm 

Sun, Sept 27: 

October 2020

Sat, Oct 3: Wedding

Sun, October 4: Arlie's Farm brunch in Rogersville, 11am-2pm 

Mon, October 5: The Cambridge, 3pm-4pm


Fri, Oct 9: Route 66 FTP, 6-8pm $150

Sat, Oct 10: Laura Burns house concert


Fri, Oct 16: Bear Creek, 6-9pm

Sat, Oct 17: Piney River, 3-6pm 

Sun, Oct 18: 


Sat, Oct 24: Bear Creek, 1-4pm

Sun, Oct 25: Arlie's Farm, 12-2pm

Previously Featured at...

January 2020

3rd (Fri): Pappo’s South, 6-8pm

4th (Sat): Bear Creek, 1-4pm

                 Pappo’s DT, 6-8pm

5th (Sun): 


10th (Fri):  

11th (Sat): Mothers, 4-7pm

12th (Sun):



17th (Fri): Pappo’s DT, 6-8pm

                  Patton Alley Pub, 


18th (Sat): Lost Signal, 6-8pm

19th (Sun)


24th (Fri): Mother’s, 6-9pm

25th (Sat): Hotel V, 11am-1pm

                    Bear Creek, 1-4pm

26th (Sun):


30th (Thu): 

31st (Fri): Pappo’s DT, 6-8pm

February 2020

1st (Sat): Bear Creek, 1-4pm

                 Pappo’s DT, 6-8pm

2nd (Sun): 


7th (Fri):   Great Escape, 6-9pm

8th (Sat):

                Patton Alley Pub, 9pm-12am 

9th (Sun):


12th (Weds): Lindberg's, 6:30-8:30pm

13th (Thurs): Shuffle, 8-11pm

14th (Fri): Boat Town Brewing, 7-9pm

                Ryan--Pappo’s DT, 6-8pm

15th (Sat): Mother’s, 6-9pm 

16th (Sun):


21st (Fri):   Brick Street Brews (Rogers),  


22nd (Sat): Bear Creek, 1-4pm

23rd (Sun):


28th (Fri): Pappo’s DT, 6-8pm

29th (Sat): Mother’s, 6-9pm

10-3 (Thurs): The Wildseed w/ Ryan Dunn, 6:30-8:30, Strafford

10-4 (Fri): Pappo's South w/ Ryan Dunn, 7-9pm, Springfield
10-5 (Sat): Hotel Vandivort 11am-1pm; Mother's Brewing Company, 6-9pm Springfield
10-6 (Sun): Bear Creek Winery, Walnut Shade

10-10 (Thurs) Missouri Spirits, 7-10pm, Springfield
10-11 (Fri) Pappo's Downtown, 6-8pm, Springfield
10-12 (Sat) Private Event, 4-7pm

10-17 (Thurs) Mother's Brewing Company, 6-8pm, Springfield
10-18 (Fri) Granny's Bathwater Tribute (opening), The Riff, 7pm, Springfield
10-19 (Sat) Piney River Brewing Company, 3-6pm, Bucyrus

10-25 (Fri) White River Brewing Company w/ Ryan Dunn, 6-9pm, Springfield
10-26 (Sat) Pappo's Downtown w/ Ryan Dunn, 6-8pm; Tie & Timber Beer Co., 9-11pm, Springfield
10-27 (Sun) Bear Creek Winery, 1-4pm, Walnut Shade

10-31 (Thurs) Mother's Brewing Company, 6-8pm, Springfield


March 2020

6th (Fri): Mother’s, 6-9pm 

7th (Sat): Bear Creek, 1-4pm

                 Pappo’s DT, 6-8pm

8th (Sun): 


11th (Weds): Lindberg's, 6:30-8:30pm

13th (Fri):  Patton Alley Pub,    


14th (Sat): Hotel V, 11am-1pm

                   Great Escape, 6-9pm

15th (Sun): Bear Creek, 1-4pm

27th (Fri)   Wanderoo Lodge, 7-10pm

28th (Sat) Bear Creek, 1-4pm

                   Mother’s, 6-9pm

July 2020

Fri, Jul 3: Bear Creek, 6-9pm

Sat, Jul 4: Shorty Pants Lounge, Osage Beach, 6-10pm


Weds, Jul 8: Quarry Town gig, 6-7:30pm

Thurs, Jul 9: Wanderoo Lodge, 7-10pm


Sun, July 19: Bear Creek, 2-5pm


Sun, July 26; Bear Creek, 2-5pm

Tues, July 28, Paddlewheel: 7-11pm


Fri, July 31: Hepcat

August 2020

Fri, Aug 7: Route 66 Food Truck & Park, 5:30-7:30pm

Sun, Aug 9: Hepcat, 12-2pm


Tues, Aug 25: My Hot Yoga, 6:45


Sun Aug 30: Hepcat, 12-2pm

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